Low Content Resources Pack

Resources for your Christmas Projects

Get a package of Templates, Patterns, and Coloring Pages 

that You Can Mix and Match for Your Publishing Needs

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Hi, Ruthie Bowers here.

The low-content publishing industry has been on FIRE for a number of years now and it's not slowing down anytime soon. It's a huge industry and the demand for creative coloring and journaling options just keeps growing. It's therapeutic, relaxing and people need this now more than ever!

The biggest problem with providing coloring and other low-content products is the time it takes to create the patterns and templates from scratch. So if that's not your idea of fun, you're in the right place because I LOVE creating the patterns and templates and I've decided to offer them to you to sell to your people.

That's just a win/win in my books. ....

Now You Can Leverage My Content Creation Habits 

Introducing the Low Content Resources Collection

Take advantage of my pattern-making habits and get a steady supply of patterns, templates, and pages to use in your projects.

Each month we release a new kit that includes:

  • 50 new square patterns
  • 50 new round patterns
  • 10 abstract coloring pages
  • 10 lineart coloring pages
  • 2 journal or planner templates
  • 10 12" x 12" digital papers
  • All images come with my Commercial Use License

Scroll down for a preview of the current month's content... 

Preview of This Month's Patterns

(Note: Downloadable Files Will NOT be watermarked)

Coloring Journal Preview

Decorative Border Journal Template Preview

Line Art Coloring Pages Preview

Note: Downloadable Files will NOT be watermarked

Abstract Coloring Pages Preview

Note: Downloadable Files will NOT be watermarked

What Can You Do With These Images?

Create Print Books

and Printables

  • Mix and match the designs to create planners and journals to sell or give away on your own site, or on platforms like Etsy.
  • Use them to create page decorations, borders and even coloring pages to add to journals and planners that you sell.

Make New Templates

  • Edit the images to create entirely new templates
  • Change the colors and layouts to suit different niche markets
  • The commercial license allows you to edit and reuse as many times as you wish

Create Physical Products

  • Use them as is or edit them and put them on physical items like 

    • notepads
    • cards
    • printables
    • checklists

    at print-on-demand sites. 

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Commercial Use License Terms

[YES] Can use in any number of your own projects

[YES] Can modify and use in client projects.

[YES] Can modify and brand images as your own.

[YES] Can use for personal use.

[YES] Can sell as coloring books or coloring pages.

[YES] Can be sold on Amazon when combined with your own elements to create unique designs

[YES] Can use as opt-in gift

[YES] Can give away as bonuses - as long as in book or finished coloring page form.

[YES] Can use for print works such as mugs, mouse pads, and T-shirts.

[YES] Can add them as content to a PAID membership site, but NOT a PLR membership site.

[YES] Can use for coloring books, journals, card decks, postcards, etc.

The following section applies to the ORIGINAL IMAGES only...

[NO] Can offer Private Label Rights.

[NO] Can offer Master Resell Rights.

[NO] Can offer Resell Rights.

[NO] Can share the source files with others.

[NO] Can be sold on Auction sites

Download a copy of the complete license here

Here's to your creative success!

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