Happy Mother’s Day! Your Sunday Roundup of Low-Content Goodness

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If you’re new to my community, a warm welcome to you. I’m so happy you’ve decided to join us!

Happy Sunday! 

And Happy Mother’s Day if you’re celebrating today! 


Are you doing anything special to celebrate this year? I know it’s a weird one with all the physical distancing stuff going on. We don’t usually do anything special here, except maybe go play golf… so we know that’s not happening today for sure! 

We actually talked a little bit about it last night and I’m quite okay with how the conversation went: 

Me: I got a coupon for Pennington’s in my email. I think I’ll go buy some new clothes

Shaun: I didn’t get you anything for Mother’s Day. Sorry. I don’t know what to get you when all the stores are closed.

Me: I want a house… save your money. 🙂

So, the only thing I’ll be getting today will be the clothes I order for myself (and only because they sent me a 40% off coupon) and I’m perfectly all right with that. And I’m sure he’ll cook dinner for me at some point later today too. 

On a completely different topic, I spent most of Friday afternoon and almost all of yesterday playing on my blogs. And let me tell you… I was so happy! I’m always preaching about creating what makes your heart happy, but I have to be honest… I have not been practicing what I preach lately. I got so far behind on getting things done for the PLR side of things that I forgot that what really makes me happy is writing and creating cool things for the other part of my business. So I’ll definitely be doing a lot more of that from now on because taking care of what makes me happiest also gives me more energy and ideas for the business part of my business. 

Here’s yesterday’s blog post on Ritchie Media on How to Find Bundles and Giveaways to Participate In. I’ve decided to do a few posts on participating in giveaways and bundle sales since there are a few coming up. I’ll also put up a calendar-of-events type page where you can see what’s coming up and decide if you want to submit or not. I’ll get that ready for you tomorrow. 

Here’s one that’s open for contributors right now: Build Your Successful Online Business 

And save the dates for Ruthie’s DFY Content Birthday Bash – I’ll talk to Val about getting the submissions page up this week, and the even itself is going to run from July 30 to August 5. 

I think that about does it for announcement-type stuff this week, so let’s start the roundup off with…

Ruthie’s Top Picks

#1 Living Holistically PLR from Jennifer – There’s a lot of talk around this topic right now

#2 Daily Faith PLR All Access Pass – If you publish content or create books for the faith-based niche this is an awesome deal at only $19/month!

#3 Garden Bingo Cards from Sue – Something different and super cute!

Low Content Resources

New! Three New Planners from Di’s Community Initiative…

There are three new products available from Di and her Community Initiative Project:

#1 – 90 Day Faith Journal with Fair Odds and Ends – coupon code LIN20 saves 20% until Monday, May 11

#2 – Work at Home Planner with Simply Couture Designs – coupon code CARM20 saves 20% until Monday, May 11

#3 – Digital Music Journal with Livet Online – coupon code LIVE20 saves 20% until Monday, May 11

New! Garden Bingo Cards from Sue

Sue has released a cute set of Garden Bingo Cards this morning! You get 3 themed packs with 3 sheets each. The themes are Garden theme, Farm/Homesteading theme, and a Flower theme. These would make great activity printables to add to your store!

See them here

New! Work From Home Planner from Jenn

Jenn has a new Work from Home Planner available in her store this morning. It includes:

  • Covers – 4 different covers
  • 20 interior pages (as shown in the flip-through above)
  • SIZES: 8.5 x 11 in. & 6 x 9 in.
  • PDF: printables in color & grayscale.
  • PPT: editable color.

See the preview and grab your copy here – coupon code workit saves you $7.99 off the regular price

PLR Deals

Ends Monday! Achieve Inner Peace PLR with My Bonus

Justin and the team at Tools for Motivation have a bit of a different bundle for you this morning! It’s on a weekend special for only $27, and not only does it include a complete content bundle, you also get 20 Canva templates for creating Facebook Stories and presentations. Here’s what’s included: 

Achieving Inner Peace Content Bundle

  • Audiobook: 10 .mp3 chapters. These professionally recorded audio files are perfect for creating videos or audio files. Comes in mp3 format
  • 10 x 400-word Articles: You can post and repurpose any way you want Great for “pre-sales” to get people interested. Comes in Word, Pages, PDF, Text formats
  • 2 Mini-Reports: Above articles formatted into 2 separate mini-reports including areas for branding and website. Comes in Word | Pages | Text formats
  • 10 Slide Decks: The above articles are also formatted into slideshows including areas for your branding. The decks are provided in the following formats: .pptx | .key
  • Quote Posters For Social Media: 20 fully editable posters (800px by 1000px) showcasing various tips related to the main theme of the eBook. Comes is PNG and PSD editable formats
  • Ecover Included: We now include the eCover in our bundles. Editable versions are included, and each image includes a blank white space for branding. Comes in PNG (3D, Un-Editable) | PNG (Flat, Editable) | PSD (Flat, Editable)

10 Facebook Story Templates + 10 Presentation Templates

  • Open, edit, export in a free Canva Account
  • 10 beautifully designed templates with 4 or 5 pages in each
  • 10 TFM presentation templates with up to 11 pages in each
  • Save as a 30 second Facebook Story video
  • Save individual pages JPG | PNG | PDF
  • Add animation and save as mp4 or animated gif
  • Save as Instagram Post, Flyer, Lesson Plan etc.
  • Edit as you like – add own branding
  • Include free stock graphics, photographs
  • Add a royalty-free audio track

See everything that’s included here and grab your copy while it’s on a 3 day special for only $27

My Bonus Offer: I have created a set of 6 Mini Planner templates for you. These are 8×10 planners with 10 pages each, and come with 6 different watercolor backgrounds. I’ve also included the separate PNG backgrounds so you can use those in your projects and in your Canva templates. 

See the bonus preview here

To claim this bonus, purchase the Achieve Inner Peace Bundle here and then email me your receipt along with your username on ritchiemedia.ca. I will then add the package to your account. 

Ends Monday! Living Holistically PLR

Jennifer at Health and Wellness PLR has a new pack available on the topic of Living Holistically. The main offer includes:

  • 20 Articles About Living Holistically – 400+ Words Each
  • Report – Made From the Articles – 27 Pages, 9,000 Words
  • eCover – Editable Cover for the Report
  • Product Reviews – 8 Amazon Product Reviews – 400+ Words Each
  • Images – 25 Royalty-Free Images

See the article titles here and pick up your content for only $12

There are also a couple of add-on offers you might like:

Upsell #1 – 4 new Natural and Holistic Health Reports with emails
Upsell #2 – 25 all new articles about Natural Health
Upsell #3 – Bundle of 14 existing products from the Health & Wellness PLR Store

New Healthy Eating PLR from Rachel

Rachel at WholeFoodPLR.com has a new pack all about Healthy Eating at Home. This pack includes:

  • Report: Healthy Eating at Home
  • Articles Pulled from Report
  • Journal
  • Checklist
  • Social Images

Check it out here and use coupon code ATHOME to save at checkout. 

New Validation PLR from Dina

Dina at Wordfeeder has a new content pack available in her store. The Validation PLR: I See you, I Feel You, I Validate You Today pack includes 15 articles (7300+ words) on the topic of validation. Article titles includes:

  • What is Validation?
  • Why is Validation So Important to Our Happiness and Well Being?
  • What Happens When We Don’t Get Enough Validation?
  • Were You Raised With Validation?
  • Simple Ways to Validate People You Care About
  • Signs That You Could Use More Validation in Your Life
  • How to Surround Yourself with Friends Who Validate You
  • To Get More, Give More When it Comes to Validation
  • Take The Test: Are You Emotionally Validated in Your Relationship?
  • Why Do Some People Refuse to Validate Others?
  • Symptoms of Being in a Low Validation Situation
  • Validation at Work and Why It’s Important to Employee Performance
  • Validation at Home and Why It’s Important to Your Kids’ Self Esteem
  • Validation in Your Love Life and Why It Matters
  • Show Your Love: 5 Simple Ways to Validate Someone Today

See writing samples here and use coupon code VALIDATE to save $10 at checkout. 

New! Power of Words PLR

Jonathan has a new pack of PLR articles available on the topic of the Power of Words: Your Words Define Who You Are. The main pack includes 15 articles:

  • Your Words Can Make Or Break Those Around You (760 words)
  • Your Life Moves In The Direction Of Your Words (674 words)
  • Adopt the Right Attitude and Reach your desired Altitude (725 words)
  • Don’t Let Your Words Keep You Captive In A Half-Full Life (702 words)
  • Setting Your Path To Success With The Right Words (761 words)
  • 10 Words/Sentences That Instill Courage (861 words)
  • 10 Words/Sentences That Achieve Goals (734 words)
  • 10 Words/Sentences That Bring Happiness (956 words)
  • Building Relationships Through Words (815 words)
  • Positive Words For A Positive Outcome (784 words)
  • Overcome Challenges With The Right Words (710 words)
  • Your Words – A Reflection Of What You Believe About Yourself (711 words)
  • Turn A Bad Day Into A Glorious One By The Words Of Your Mouth (844 words)
  • Words That Fuel Your Creativity (755 words)
  • Raise Your Children With The Right Words (853 words)

Get the details here

Big Savings on PLR from the Joyful Trio!

If you’re not sure who the Joyful Trio is – it’s Kelly McCausey, Sam Angel, and Avery Wilmer – also known as the masterminds behind both White Label Perks and Daily Faith PLR. (Two of my favorite places to get PLR, if you hadn’t noticed!)

For the entire month of May, you can save 50% on all their awesome content when you use the code MAY50
The coupons can be used multiple times between now and May 31, 2020. 

Shop White Label Perks here

Shop Daily Faith PLR here

New and Under $10! Cultivate Better Relationships PLR from Alice

Alice has a new weekend special starting today and it’s all about creating Cultivating Better Relationships! The main pack includes:

  • 4 Better Relationships Guides
  • 4 Worksheets
  • 4 Detailed Checklists
  • 4 Course Delivery Emails
  • 4 Professionally-Designed Ecover Sets
  • 1 Lead-Generating Opt-in Page

See everything that’s included here and grab your copy while it’s under $10

The upsell offer is a 52-week email series with bonus to do list and checklist templates for $27

Mindful Eating PLR from Piggy Makes Bank

Tracy and Susanne have another new release this morning and this time it’s all about Mindful Eating. This pack includes 10 articles, 10 autoresponder emails, 10 social media posts, and a short report compiled from the articles. Titles include:

  • Mindful Eating- Giving Your Food Your Full Attention
  • There’s More To Mindful Eating Than Healthy Foods
  • Farm To Fork- A Mindful Eating Experience
  • Am I Hungry? And Other Important Questions To Ask Before Your Next Meal
  • From Mindless To Mindful- Understanding The Difference In Eating Styles
  • Use Your Senses To Fully Experience Eating
  • Cravings Are A Normal Part Of Mindful Eating
  • Tracking The Effects Of Food On Your Mood And Body
  • Tips For Starting A Mindful Eating Practice
  • Mindful Eating For Families- Enjoying The Process

Check it out here and use coupon code KEEPGOING to save 50% at checkout

New! How to Get Interviewed on Podcasts PLR from Content Sparks

Sharyn at Content Sparks has a new training package available that’s all about How To Get Interviewed on Podcasts. This is a full training program that you can use to learn from yourself, and then turn around and teach it to others.

Podcasting is so popular right now, and being a guest on other people’s podcasts is a great way to grow your reach, especially if you don’t want to set up a whole podcast that you host.

This package gives you everything you need to show your people how to:

  • Establish the right mindset for being a podcast guest, and set goals that make sense for their business
  • Find podcasts that their target audience listens to and which are open to guest interviews
  • Craft a pitch that will catch the podcast hosts interest in interviewing them on their show
  • Customize their pitch for each podcast host, and take the necessary steps to get booked
  • Prepare themselves and their tech properly, so that they make a professional impression
  • Be a stellar podcast guest during and after their interview, so they earn a reputation as someone well worth interviewing
  • Maximize the immediate and long-term impact of the podcast interview on their business

See everything that’s included here and save up to $200 during the launch. There’s also an Early Bird Bonus of a 5-day Challenge: Get Your First Booking as a Podcast Guest waiting for you when you purchase by May 13.

Tools and Training

New Training Deal from Kelly!

For the month of May, Kelly is having another $10 sale on her What’s Your Stand Banner Message Training

This is a two-part video training that dives into taking a powerful stand on something that matters to your audience, and then goes deeper into ideas that support your stand. 

She’ll also guide you through her Banner Message Strategy, helping you choose a topic, break it down, and create a body of content that can work with you for the long term. 

Check it out here if you’re interested – No coupon necessary

PLR Freebies

Free Overcoming Self-Doubt Report and Course Pack from Publish for Prosperity

Alice has a lot of free PLR content on her site, and this is one of my favorite packs. The Overcoming Self-Doubt and Finding a Positive Outlook on Life Report & Course pack includes:

  • A 5000+ word report
  • Promotional graphics
  • 10-part Ecourse on Self Doubt

7 Days to Profit More by Being Consistent – FREE PLR from Piggy Makes Bank

Tracy and Susanne have a new free pack available today. The 7 Days to Profit More by Being Consistent PLR pack includes 7 articles and 7 emails.
Get your free PLR here

Free PLR Hoarders Webinar from Kelly McCausey

And, if you’re a PLR collector like me (I refuse to use the “H” word) you can have a listen to Kelly’s PLR Hoarders Webinar here.

Graphics Deals and Freebies

Creative Fabrica – This week’s dollar deals
The Hungry Jpeg – New Dollar Deals Added
Creative Fabrica has several new bundles including some really good free ones
Ending Soon!The All-Encompassing Creative Toolkit from Design Cuts
New!The Hungry Jpeg Friday Flash Sale – Animal Mandalas Craft Bundle – 35 cut files for $6
The Big Kids Bundle from The Hungry Jpeg – huge bundle of clipart & illustrations for $18
The Miracle May Bundle from The Hungry Jpeg – includes 24 font packs and 21 graphics packs

New!Creative Fabrica Freebie – Vintage Blossoms Clipart
New!Creative Fabrica Freebie – Missing Letters Activity Sheet
Design Bundles Freebie – Tropical Pattern Digital Papers
Font Bundles Freebie – Endless Summer Font Duo
New!Design Cuts Freebie – Romantically Font
The Hungry Jpeg Freebie – Evening Dreaming Pattern Collection
Free Better Relationships Graphics from Alice

What’s Coming Next Week

There is a whole host of new products and re-releases coming up this week, starting with Sue’s re-release of her PowerPoint course. She’s added a ton of new stuff to it, and I’ll have more details on that for you on Monday. I’m working on a bonus for this too, so be sure to check out Monday’s email for details. 

On Tuesday, Amy is releasing her latest course all about getting traffic for your printables. I’m excited to check this one out too!

There’s also new gratitude PLR coming this week, as well as a new Affiliate Marketing training coming from Angela, InDesign and Affinity Publisher Templates from Catherine, and more goodies to be revealed as the week progresses. 🙂 

And that’s all I have for you this morning! I’m off to find some brunch – and then do some work this afternoon. 

Have an amazing day! Stay safe, stay well, and create what makes your heart happy!


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