Tired of All Those White Label Coloring Kits

Gathering Digital Dust On Your Hard Drive?

Do you wish you could use them, but you're not sure where to start?

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Ruthie Bowers here. I create coloring kits with commercial rights so that you can use them to create your own coloring books and other products. 

And I have to tell you that it just breaks my heart when I hear my customers and newsletter subscribers tell me they have hard drives full of images but they just don't know what to do with them!

Even now, 2 years after the original Creative Repurposing course was released, I still have people telling me they don't know what to do with all these images they keep buying. 

But you know, the more things change, the more they stay the same and that's true of what my customers told me two years ago and it's still true today. And that is this... 

1.  Most graphics licenses - whether PLR or Commercial Use - specify that you cannot use the images as is. You must alter them in some way to make them your own. 

2. Most of my customers are not designers.

At the time, their comments opened my eyes and I immediately did two things:

First, I changed my license terms so that you can use my images as is with very few exceptions. 

Second, I started thinking about all the ways you can repurpose commercial use and PLR images. 

The initial result was the first Creative Repurposing course. It originally included 5 modules that covered the basics of what you could do with PLR coloring images and some different software that you could use to create repurpose the images into your own. 

But things move quickly in the online world and low-content publishing has exploded since that original course was released. And, even more importantly, a lot of the software I shared back then is no longer available for sale. Or has changed its format. 

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And so the time has come to update some the old modules and add a few new ones, so that you have the most recent info and ideas I have for repurposing your PLR and white label coloring images into something new that you can use for your own low content publishing projects. 

So with that in mind, I present to you... 

Creative Repurposing 2020

Turn Done-For-You Coloring Designs Into Unique Images You'll Be Proud To Publish

In this new and improved version, not only will you get the original set of step-by-step videos that cover:

  • Where to find images you can legally use
  • How to create new images from existing ones
  • How to work with lineart and patterns
  • How to create journal templates from coloring pages
  • How to make book covers from coloring images

You'll also get 5 brand new live webinars where we'll talk about even more ways to repurpose your coloring content including:

  • How to repurpose your coloring images onto POD products
  • How to repurpose clipart into black and white line art
  • How to use mandala maker software to create images you can repurpose
  • How to repurpose kid's coloring packs into unique images for an adult market
  • How to create digital papers out of black and white patterns.

And we'll look at some new software options for creating your own patterns and mandalas that weren't available with the original version of the course.

I want you to have the best, most up-to-date ways to repurpose the images that you buy. And I want 2021 to be the year that you put all those images that are gathering digital dust on your hard drive to use to create more streams of income and more profits for you!

Inside the members area you will find the 5 original video modules to get you started. 

These include:

Welcome and an Overview of What You Can Expect from This Course

Module 1 - Where to Find Images You Can Legally Use - 3 videos

Module 2 - How to Create New Images from Existing Ones - 4 videos

Module 3 - How to Work With Line Art and Patterns - 7 videos

Module 4 - How To Create Journal Templates from Coloring Images - 9 videos

Module 5 - How to Create Book Covers from Coloring Images - 1 video

That's a total of 25 videos with over 6.5 hours of training waiting for you inside!

Plus you'll also get the replays of the 5 live webinars we did in January 2021. 

Throughout it all, you'll be able to watch over my shoulder as I repurpose a package of images and create new images for you. 

And as a bonus, I'll even give you the new images created throughout the course!

Here's a Quick Preview of Just One of the Image Packs We'll Be Working With

To Recap, you are receiving:

  • 5 Training Modules with 24 videos
  • 5 Live Webinars with All New Material
  • 1 Package of Starter Images 
  • Extra Images Created in Each Training
  • Resource Page 
  • Facebook Group for asking questions and additional support

So, I’m sure you’re wondering what this is going to cost you…

The truth is, this course will eventually be priced at at least $197. As more modules and trainings are added, it will only increase in price. 

But because I still have a few more videos to record, I'm making it available for only $127 for a short time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I already bought this course. Do I have to Pay Again?

A. No. If you already have access you are grandfathered in to the new course and will receive all the new content as it is added.

Q. When does this course start and finish?

A. Once you purchase you will have access to all existing modules. There are no formal start and end dates; you can work at your own pace to complete the course. 

Q. How is the content delivered?

A. The content is delivered by video through our online course platform. You will have the choice to either watch the videos onsite or download them for your convenience. 

Q. How long do I have access?

A. You have access to the course materials for as long as the course exists. At some point we may retire the course, and at that time you will given notice to download any of the materials you wish to keep. 

Q. Do I need any additional software?

A. The course demonstrates several different types of software, but you are not required to purchase anything extra. Photoshop and Illustrator are my main programs of choice, but I will also show you how to do many of the tasks in a free online program as well. 

Q. Are there monthly payments?

A. No. The fee you pay when you purchase (currently $97) is all you pay. We will raise the price in future as more content is added, but you will never be asked to pay extra for the new content. 

Q. I have questions. How do I get support?

A. You can ask questions through the helpdesk located in the members area (fastest response time), through the Facebook group, or by emailing me directly. 

Q. Can I get a refund?

A. No. You are receiving access to all training materials as soon as you pay for the course. You are also receiving packages of images with commercial use rights. Therefore, there are no refunds.

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