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Here's how the new bonus system works:

There are so many products this week that I wanted to create bonuses for and I just don’t have time to create separate bonuses for every product and still put out new products and get my other work done for you. 

So here’s what I’m doing. I've put together this page of bonuses – some are new, some have been previously used as bonuses for products you might have missed, or for events you didn’t take part in.

There will be a mix of templates, papers, digital stationery, and coloring pages. Each week I'll post the products that qualify for bonuses and the list of products to choose from. Then, you will either receive a PDF with instructions on how to claim your bonuses or a note to email me with your receipt if the vendor doesn't have an automated bonus delivery.

Products that Currently Qualify for A Bonus

For each product listed you can claim one product from the available bonus products for each product in the funnel you buy. 

So, buy the Front End/Main Offer - claim one bonus

Buy the 1st OTO or Upsell - claim one more bonus

Buy the 2nd OTO or Upsell - claim a third bonus

Buy the 3rd or more OTO Upsell or Bonus and we will add a $25 coupon for each additional purchase

(Please note: If you refund, bonus access will be revoked, and any coupons you have received become null and void)

Color Monthly - Blog Biz Coloring Planner

Click Here to Buy

Coupon Code BLOGBIZ

Bonus Available through August 2/21

blog biz planner preview

Tools for Motivation - 100 Self-Help Videos, Vol. 4

 Click Here to Buy

Bonus available through July 30/21

mockup of 100 self help videos

PLR Beach - Beauty Planner

 - Click here to Buy

Bonus available through August 2/21.

Becky Beauty Planner

Amy Harrop - Instructo

Click Here to Buy

Bonus Available through July 31/21

instructo product image

Amy Harrop - Que Content Composer

Click Here to Buy

Coupon Code: QUECONT saves $10

Bonus Available through July 31/21

que content composer product image

PLR Planners Creative Business Academy

- Click Here to Buy

Bonus Available through July 31/21

Creative Business Academy Promo

A Cup of Zen - Cinnamon Apothecary

Click here to buy

Coupon code cinnamondfy saves $20

Bonus available through August 1/21.

Gabby cinnamon apothecary

Abundance Print PLR - Inner Healing Miracles

Click here to buy

Bonus available through July 30/21

Inner Healing Miracles mockup

PLR Planners Birthday Sale!

Click Here to Shop!

Coupon code FAMILY50 saves 50%

Spend $25 to be eligible for a bonus through July 30/21

PLR Planners Birthday Bash

Julie Coffman - Low Content Publishing 101

Click here to buy

Bonus available through August 1/21


Roxy - Gratitude and Affirmations Printables!

Click Here to Buy

Bonus available through August 4/21

gratitude printalbes mockup

PLRoftheMonth Club - 18-month Digital Planner

Click here to buy

Coupon code 2022LAUNCH saves $10

Bonus available through July 31/21

digital planner mockup

Jan Small - Academic Planner

Click here to buy

Bonus available through August 17/21

Jan - academic planner

Lynn Webb - Publishing Homeschool Content

Click Here to Buy

Bonus available through August 1/21

gratitude printalbes mockup

New Offers Coming Soon

The Bonus Products

(New Bonuses Coming August 2/21 - Bonus Products 1 -9 will be replaced with new offers)

Bonus Product #1 

30 Digital Papers (3 Patterns x 10 Colours ea.)

30 Digital Papers Mockup

Bonus Product #2 

Cloudy Digital Papers & Stationery

cloudy skies mockup

Bonus Product #3 

Vintage Patterned Papers & Stationery

vintage pattern mockups

Bonus Product #4

30 Square Coloring Patterns

30 square coloring patterns

Bonus Product #5 

12 Turquoise Digital Papers

12 turquoise digital papers mockup

Bonus Product #6

20 Full Page (8.5 x 11) Digital Papers

20 Full Page Digital Papers

Bonus Product #7

Creativity Planner Templates

creativity planner mockup

Bonus Product #8

50 8.5 x 11 Coloring Journal Frames

coloring journal pages mockup

Bonus Product #9

Full Page Coloring Backgrounds

30 coloring pages mockup

Bonus Product #10

$25 in Store Credit

25 Off Coupon Graphic

Bonus Product #11

20 Subtle Watercolor Patterns

20 Subtle Watercolor Patterns Mockup

Bonus Product #12

20 Abstract Crystal Digital Papers

20 Abstract Digital Papers Mockup

Bonus Product #13

Affirmations Journal Template

Affirmations Journal Mockup

Bonus Product #14

100 Hard Mixed Mazes

mixed mazes mockup

Bonus Product #15

Silver-Grey Vintage Digital Stationery

silvery grey vintage mockup

Bonus Product #16

Blue-Grey Striped Journal Templates

blue grey striped mockup

Bonus Product #17

Mandala Coloring Journal #1

mandala coloring journal mockup

Bonus Product #18

50 Coloring Journal Frames, Vol. 2

coloring journals vol 2 mockup

Bonus Product #19

50 Round Pattern Coloring Images

50 round patterns vol 1 mockup

Bonus Product #20

50 Pawprints Coloring Images

50 Paw Prints Coloring Images Mockup

Bonus Product #21

20 Patterned Frames

20 patterned frames mockup

Commercial Use License Terms

[YES] Can use in any number of your own projects

[YES] Can modify and use in client projects.

[YES] Can modify and brand images as your own.

[YES] Can use for personal use.

[YES] Can sell as coloring books or coloring pages.

[YES] Can be sold on Amazon when combined with your own elements to create unique designs

[YES] Can use as opt-in gift

[YES] Can give away as bonuses - as long as in book or finished coloring page form.

[YES] Can use for print works such as mugs, mouse pads, and T-shirts.

[YES] Can add them as content to a PAID membership site, but NOT a PLR membership site.

[YES] Can use for coloring books, journals, card decks, postcards, etc.

The following section applies to the ORIGINAL IMAGES only...

[NO] Can offer Private Label Rights.

[NO] Can offer Master Resell Rights.

[NO] Can offer Resell Rights.

[NO] Can share the source files with others.

[NO] Can be sold on Auction sites

Download a copy of the complete license here

Here's to your creative success!