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The Year of Staying Organized Edition

Welcome to Repurposing Outside the Box - 

The "Year of Staying Organized" Edition

This training will show you how to take a year's worth of content and turn it into products for your business. The content we will be  using in this training is from Ekit Hub, and if you don't already have it, you can get it at the link below. It is NOT included in this training. 

A Year's Worth of Staying Organized and Productive Content

Course overview 

1. Welcome and Introduction (6:24)

2.  Deciding What to Do With the Content (8:19)

3. Working with the Written Content (16:18)

4. Working with the Printables - Overview (7:14)

5. Demo - Wall Art Templates (33:22)

6. Demo - Coloring Pages

7. Demo - Journal/Planner Templates

8. Demo - Card Decks

9. Demo - Checklist and Worksheet

10. Wrapping Up

the videos

1. Welcome & introduction

2. deciding what to do with your content

3. Working with the written content

4. working with the printables - Overview

5. Demo - wall art templates

register here for the live q and a sessions: DATES TBD

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