About Ritchie Media

About Ritchie Media

Located in the beautiful Kawartha region of Central Ontario, 2020 sees us entering our 13th year in business and we're looking forward to our best year yet. 

In 2018 we refined our vision and company strategy to focus exclusively on the low-content publishing industry. We publish print and digital versions of our books.

We also create coloring book, planner, and journal kits with commercial use rights as well as courses on how to use our materials to grow your own low-content publishing business.

Community is Everything

Community is everything to us, and we host a vibrant and growing community of low-content creators where we share tips and resources, and support and encourage our members.

We also offer daily newsletters to keep our community informed of what's happening in the low-content world - from publishing tips to new product resources, if we know about it we share it with our members.

If you would like to become a community member (it's free!) click on the button below to register. You'll get access to our Free Resources Centre and all the goodies inside as well as an invite to our private community group.

By joining the community you are creating a free account in our system. 

Once you complete your registration and log in, your Free Resources page will be waiting for you in the members area.